India has been one of the most celebrated muses for connoisseurs of art, fashion and lifestyle from across the globe. Immersed in a sea of rich heritage, engulfed in the density of diversity and limitless bounties of hidden treasures, India has been the epicenter for inspiration for many, but Frontier Bazar’s love affair has transcended seamlessly decade after decade.

The vivid North, the mystical East, the legendary South or the feisty West, India’s vastness and cultural diversity has been the blueprint of Frontier Bazar’s inspiration.

“Celebrating timeless weaves, legendary karigari to fabrics that inspire dreams, our aim at Frontier Bazar is to design ensembles that etch coveted desires and become a part of heirlooms.”

Our garments are truly Indian at heart, yet global in appeal owing to our unique sense of designing that aims to drape modern women who have trotted the world yet remain rooted to her motherland, who is a global fashion icon proud of her true self, a bride of today who is ready to set foot into the future blessed with rich heritage of her past.