Bespoke designs by Frontier Bazar are by virtue painstakingly detailed and luxurious. Every piece comprises of unique fabrics, finest handcrafted intricacy, detailed finishing and most importantly designed to compliment the individuality of the wearer.

Specializing in Bridal Couture, Frontier Bazar successfully blends the thread of traditionalism and modernity with the perfect combination of style, intricacy and opulence. As timeless elegance on the wedding day is the secret desire of every bride, Frontier Bazar has crafted a unique and unparalleled signature style of their own which is a fusion of Indian karigari such as zardozi, bandhani and dabka work. Embellished by modern Swarovski and semi-precious stone detailing, combined with contemporary flair, European structuring and drapes to create spectacular ensembles that brings to life every woman's most coveted dreams.

Each outfit is designed featuring an unique signature technique, ranging from zari embroidery, fabric texturing, gold/silver thread work etc.

From Sarees with a distinct touch of genius, to the stylish Lehanga Cholis - an integral part of the bridal ensemble, along with other neo-classical attires like princess trail gowns for engagements, designer suits oozing glamour that feature innovative craftsmanship, all combine to bring forth a truly exhaustive range of the elaborate bridal trousseau.

Highlighted with light, muted colours to rich metallic shades and darker tones of black, green, purple as well as fuchsia; every mood, every season, every occasion finds an expression with Frontier Bazar thoughtfully selected line of trousseau that are available with the option of customizing details, designs and palette to compliment the distinct beauty of the bride to be.